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API 577 – Welding and Metallurgy

API 577 – Welding and Metallurgy

This course gives a broad knowledge about  API 577  “Welding and Metallurgy” and helps the students to prepare for the API 577  exam. The course is an intensive 3 days course which gives knowledge about Welding processes, Welding procedures, Base Metals and consumables, Nondestructive examination, Welding metallurgy and Refinery and petrochemical plant welding issues.

Who Should Attend?
This course will be highly beneficial for welding Engineers, Mechanical Supervisors, Foreman, Shop Inspectors, QA/ QC personnel and inspection agencies including the Third Party Inspection agencies. Welders, welding supervisors, inspectors and NDE examiners who are seeking an understanding of welding technology and welding inspection will find the course useful. It will help the API 577 Certification exam candidates to score very well.

Courses Objective
This training course designed to train individuals who are interested in obtaining the API 577 Supplemental Inspection Certification Program: Advanced Knowledge of Welding and Metallurgy, as well as those who are seeking a better understanding of API 577 Standards, ASNT Level III in RT, UT, PT, MT requirements. The course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to:

  • To know various Welding processes and their merits and limitations.
  • To get the overview of Welding procedures and review if WPS/PQR
  • To understand the method of Filler Metal Selection
  • To Know the common Non-destructive examinations and their application & To understand the basic Welding metallurgy
  • To study the Effects of Preheating Post-weld Heat Treatment, Hardening of HAZ
  • To understand Weldability of Steels
  • To understand the Carbon Equivalent Formula and its practical use
  • To know the welding issues specific to Refinery and petrochemical